Harley-Davidson® Breakaway Cat Collar Pink 8″-12″


Our Harley-Davidson Adjustable Breakaway Cat Collars are purr-fect for bringing out the rebel in your favourite feline. 3/8″ x 8-12″.

Featuring vibrant, colourfast Harley inspired patterns, our cat collars include buckles that are designed to release if your cat gets caught, allowing them slip safely away.

Quality Guaranteed.

Not for tie out.


  • Adjustable.
  • Breakaway Collar – In response to cat owners concerns, the breakaway cat buckle is designed to release when a cats collar gets caught, allowing it to slip free.
  • Black Bell attached to collar.
  • Silk screened Bar & Shield logo on buckle.
  • Harley-Davidson® Official Licensed Product.

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